Networking Together!

We are a network of reputable Christian Bible rebinders.  As a member, you can display some representative projects and list your various offerings, along with links to your business website or social media page.  Consumers will be able to search for a Bible rebinder who can made their needs and then visit your website to do business.

This will increase the visibility of your website and drive relevant traffic there, while saving the consumer time surfing the web looking for you.


As a Bible Rebinder you can…

Add Your Own Listing

With our easy to use sign-up, plus the ability to add a photo gallery and video, you can tell the public where you are, who you are, why your business is unique, and how you can serve them.

Add Events

Planning to hold a seminar?  Manning a booth at a convention?  Having a barbeque?  Add events so your customers can meet you.

Offer Promotions

Having a Christmas-in-July sale?  Offering a coupon?  A contest?  Add these promotions to add interest in your business.

As a Customer you can…

Find Bible Rebinders

 Visit this site first, to avoid days and weeks of random searching on the web.   Search for a Bible rebinder near you, or one that offers the services you need.  Find the ones with the ability to create your one-of-a-kind Bible or simply keep your older, treasured Bible in service.

Compare and Choose

Save time by doing a side-by-side comparison of several options.  Narrow down your choices and then visit the rebinder(s) most likely to meet your needs.

Find Ready-to-Buy Items

Find already made items for sale in vendors' shops, when you don't have the time to wait on a custom rebind.